With almost half of B.C.’s population living in the Lower Mainland, the metropolitan area of Vancouver is Canada’s third-largest city. It is known for its high-tech industry, film and entertainment sector, and natural resources.

The Digital Technology Supercluster based in Vancouver. Home to more than 60 visual effects and animation firms, the city has the highest concentration of domestic and foreign-owned studios in the world.

International transplants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, MPC, and Lucasfilm make Vancouver their Canadian base. The city draws international talent and business, and is a good fit for companies in Digital Industries and Media and Entertainment, particularly in video-game development and data visualization.

Provincial population (2019): 5.11 million
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $295.4 billion
ICT NOCs salary average: $75,000
Size of ICT NOCs workforce: ~ 169,000
Share of National ICT NOCs workforce: 12.5%
ICT demand growth forecast (year-over-year, pre COVID-19): 12.5%

ICT Job Data

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