A diverse manufacturing base, mineral resource development, and farming are key drivers of the provincial economy. The province's capital city, Winnipeg, recently recorded the second highest rate of growth in technology employment among Canadian mid-sized cities.

Winnipeg saw its tech workforce grow by about 40% between 2012 and 2017. The city’s community of small and medium-sized ICT companies gave birth to notables such as SkipTheDishes, an app-based food delivery serviced and is the Canadian flagship office for international travel giant Priceline.

Cybersecurity, digital media, fintech, machine learning, AI, and SaaS are entrenched technologies that round out the province’s tech ecosystem.

International tech giants in the province include Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

Provincial population (2019): 1.36 million
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $72.7 billion
ICT NOCs salary average: $71,076
Size of ICT NOCs workforce: ~ 29,000
Share of National ICT NOCs workforce: 2.2%
ICT demand growth forecast (year-over-year, pre COVID-19): 3.6%

ICT Job Data

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