What it is

The Arrival to FinTech Ready (AFR) program prepares newcomers to Canada for careers in blockchain and financial technology.

The program is divided into multiple parts:

1. Upon application, you may be selected to participate in an interview conducted by ICTC’s research team.

2. Should you be selected as a participant to the AFR program, you will then take a three-week ICTC course in FinTech, as well as orientation to Canadian business practices.

3. If selected to move forward from there, you will complete a three semester Blockchain certificate program at George Brown College.

4. As part of the George Brown College curriculum, you will compete a 360-hour paid work placement with an Ontario employer. This will provide you with practical work integrated learning experience.

AFR - Frequently asked questions

Why it matters

The AFR program upskills newcomers in Ontario to help prepare for a career in blockchain, a booming industry, being used more and more predominantly in financial services, cryptocurrency, and supply chain management. The median salary across blockchain-based industry is roughly $113,000.

Who is eligible

Residency status in Ontario: Newcomer
Permanent Resident
Employment status: Legally entitled to work in Canada
Unemployed or underemployed
Education: Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Computer Science or a related field
Language level CLB7 or higher

To apply, email us at [email protected] 

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