What it is

Focus on Information Technology (FIT) is an innovative certificate program that pathways students through ICT related courses and concentrations during their secondary school education.

The Middle Years Focus on IT (MyFIT) program is a hands-on experience for middle school students to build the skills needed for tomorrow. This program can also create a learning pathway into secondary schools delivering the FIT program.

Alignment with Provincial Curricula

FIT competencies and concentrations requirements have been analyzed by specialist teachers in each Canadian province and they determined which provincial courses, of a particular province, include FIT competencies. Each province has developed a set of pathways available for students to take in order to achieve a FIT concentration.

FIT offers students four unique concentrations; Business and Information Analysis, Software Design and Development, Network and Operations Support, Interactive Media -- each focus on a specific type of ICT work and requires a different learning pathway i.e. selection of appropriate courses in the high school curriculum. Each prepares a student for a variety of post-secondary options and co-op, internship, or work experience opportunities related to a different cluster of IT work.

FIT and FIT-Plus Certificates

Students who complete the courses in general FIT Business and Technical, along with the courses required for a specific FIT Concentration, will be issued a FIT certificate in the respective concentration. Students also have the opportunity to obtain an enhanced FIT or FIT-Plus certificate if they acquire work experience in an IT-related field or an IT-related industry certification.

Why it matters

FIT brings an important real world perspective to business and technology teaching. It serves as a resource to help teachers and curriculum developers make business and technology courses more relevant to students, while showing them how they are all interconnected. It presents ICT in a holistic way -- through real problem-solving situations, with real world examples.

FIT gives students the opportunity to interact with industry experts and engages them in learning that will make a difference.

Finally, FIT provides students with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their future studies and career opportunities.

Currently FIT is found in over 100 schools nationwide and reaches students learning in both French and English. Our recognized certificate program was built upon industry standards and advanced educational learning outcomes; therefore, ensuring our graduates are advanced, highly-skilled and industry ready workers. With a FIT partnership, employers can reach tomorrows' workforce today, gain access to the youth market and make an impact on Canada's future development.

Who is eligible

Currently enrolled in: High school Middle school

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