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Employment Program for Career Transitioners

Develop in-demand technology skills and gain valuable experience for the digital economy
Why Transition to an occupation in the Digital Economy?
The 4th industrial revolution is changing how we work as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) evolve, creating new jobs and eliminating others. This training helps you transition your skills to new in-demand jobs.
Transition to In-Demand Jobs
Become job-ready by identifying your existing transferable skills, learning new digital skills, and gaining relevant work experience.
We Can Help You Navigate this Shift!
  • 1
    Start with a skills assessment
    Using this tool, map your existing skill set to those needed for in-demand roles, and identify any knowledge or skill gaps.
  • 2
    Develop new skills
    Acquire digital skills and soft skills through short-duration training to fill skills gaps.
  • 3
    Gain valuable work experience
    We can help you attain relevant work experience to be recognized as job-ready for a bright future in tech.
Start now
Start by assessing your skills and then contact one of our career coaches to join an employment program for transitioning careers:
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